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  • Bringing all my business, legal, and counseling skill sets to the table

  • Actively listening and comprehensively understanding client needs

  • Holistically and insightfully grasping client dynamics and challenges

  • Helping craft cost-effective strategies and solutions

  • Helping clients protect and achieve objectives

  • Communicating openly, clearly, and frequently

  • Empathically and intelligently coaching and counseling clients

I invite those in search of the kind of attorney-counsel I am to 

Founder – UBERCOUNSEL: The Trusted Family-Care Attorney-Counselor


Prior to law school Paul’s corporate roles include being a construction superintendent with Ryland Homes and a forensic engineer with Georgia Pacific. During law school he clerked for and joined an intellectual property boutique, also becoming a patent attorney, that was soon acquired by Kilpatrick Stockton. At Kilpatrick and later at his first firm, he built a successful intellectual property prosecution and litigation track record. Paul initiated, co-founded and was the managing member of a successful IP boutique and then later the director of another. After successfully serving as the CEO of a large human services agency, he most recently launched his second firm Ubercounsel and received an appointment at Mercer University, where he is presently under contract to write a book on economics.


In addition to being licensed in GA and the 11th Circuit, a registered patent attorney, a Henning trained mediator and arbitrator, a Martindale Hubbell Distinguished attorney, and Georgia Trend Legal Elite, in 2014 he earned his Master of Divinity with a concentration in pastoral care and counseling. An active leader of the State Bar of Georgia’s Attorney Wellness and Lawyer Assistance Program committees, he offers solutions to the stresses of professional life for the benefit of as many as possible.

What’s Paul back story, and particularly why does he have a passion for family care, pastoral counseling, and professional development? The son of an immigrant Hispanic mother and federally convicted father, he understands cultural challenges. Later, placed in foster care as were all his siblings, he knows what ‘family in distress’ feels like. From a very early age he has the lived experience of the relentless stresses, anxieties, and fears that push so many of us to irreconcilable despair. Turning inwardly as a young adult to develop the skills to recover, redirect, and wildly prosper after a brutal beginning, he is an attorney-counselor who is authentically and creditably a friend.

Whether you engage Paul as your attorney, your mediator, your pastoral counselor, or your professional development coach, or any combination of these, he brings the entirety of his many skill sets and talents to expertly serve you and your needs.


"I highly recommend Paul. He is efficient, meticulous, trustworthy and offers great work product. His knowledge base and mastery of the various diverse projects assigned to him have been returned with notable quality. Paul is highly responsive and has always been a joy to work with." - Robert E., In-House Counsel

"Paul is a consummate professional. I would trust him with any job in his many fields of expertise. I have known him for almost 20 years and consider him one of the most reliable, dedicated, and virtuous lawyers I have ever met."

- W. Kent Davis, Attorney and Rear Admiral (Ret.)

Commissioner, Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs

"I would like to take an opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Paul Knowlton.  I have known Paul for over 4 years. Paul leads with ease and I find his enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. Paul has worked hard to build authentic relationships with the clients. His efforts have had positive results when I needed his legal services.  In my opinion, Paul's unwavering devotion to his congregation, community, and work exemplifies strong moral fiber and character. He is a trustworthy individual and I would want to have him on my side in any legal situation."   - Marilyn W.

"Paul Knowlton is as unique an individual as you would expect with credentials as both an attorney

and a minister. His legal skills and knowledge are exceptional; and he relates to clients with

deep compassion, empathy, and support. Whether you need help with family law, professional

advice and coaching, or pastoral care; Paul is an extraordinary advocate!"

- Rev. Denise Massey, Ph.D, Spiritual Coach
Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling
Mercer University School of Theology

"While having a special bias to my brother Paul, I would sincerely recommend him to families or struggling adults and children. Paul has the first-hand experience of working through being a foster child and began this path by nurturing and guiding his siblings to success. You will find his public speaking entertaining, thought-provoking and his message easy to understand. I can testify to the people I have seen him help who have grown spiritually, become achievers and never looked back - and back is not the direction he will lead or guide you. "   - Craig Knowlton, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.)

"I have known Paul for quite some time now and over the years he has proven to be not only an extremely gifted lawyer but a good friend as well. He is a man of unsurpassed integrity, strong moral values and convictions all with a very level headed and even-keeled disposition. There have been two occasions where he has offered to assist on legal issues and both times he was very successful in securing positive outcomes for me. He has always been upfront, honest and has a knack for delivering the message with both poise and compassion, regardless of how difficult that message might be to hear. Paul also has very strong ties to his family and friends, he is always ready and willing to help in any way he can, or at the very least, provide direction and guidance to where you can find what you are best suited for your needs. If you ever have an opportunity to work with or get to know Paul, do not pass it up, if you do, you will be missing out for certain! " - Greg B., Operations Manager, Realty Trust Group.

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