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Despite your best intentions, you have an unfortunate conflict or a difficult dispute. You may want to resolve the conflict and save a relationship, or you may need to prevail in the dispute and save

much more. No matter the kind of disagreement, you need skilled assistance getting to the best resolution.


Skilled assistance means an expert who has all the tools in the resolution toolbox. Guidance like the tweaking of the screwdriver

may be all that’s needed to shift a perspective and heal conflict. Litigation like the pounding of a sledgehammer may be required

to shatter a misconception and the dispute it created. UBERCOUNSEL has the resolution tools and is the expert you seek.


Conflict and dispute resolution services include, but are not limited to:

  • Advising and coaching through conflict toward resolution

  • Mediation – inform and formal 

  • Arbitration

  • Collaborative method

  • Litigation where admitted

  • Helping develop an organizational culture that doesn’t foster conflict and disputes, and helping address people in the organization that generates conflicts and disputes

I’m pleased to have moved my law practice and legal service offerings to Stanton Law, where I join friends in building an exceptional law firm. For all law practice and legal service inquiries I invite you to contact me at Stanton Law. For all other Ubercounsel inquiries I invite you to contact me here. Disclaimer: The Stanton Law firm is an entity distinct and separate from Ubercounsel.  


"I had the great good fortune of meeting Paul in a business context. But our friendship grew out of his attendance at worship. Even Out of his comfort zone, he changed the trajectory of our parish. In simple and loving ways, Paul is a catalyst for collegial and organic shifts. Without seeming to try, he coalesces disparate factions and groups, allowing new energy and vision to be birthed into a system. I am honored to recommend him to any who may have the benefit of his friendship, ministry, and wisdom."

Alan Akridge, Rector,

Saint Mark's Episcopal Church

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