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Care is pastoral when it sees and moves deeper than the immediate circumstances of a person’s life. To take a pastoral posture is to take a holistic posture.


Pastoral care requires pastoral wisdom, which involves far more than subject matter expertise; it includes the practical knowledge of how to do and how to be. Pastoral wisdom involves being able to respond appropriately to situations calling for care. Who one is, how he or she acts, and what he or she represents are all part of that wisdom.


The founder of UBERCOUNSEL is a lawyer later trained in pastoral care and counseling (his M.Div. program was full-time 3 years and 90 credit hours, like law school). To take a pastoral posture is in his DNA and the soul of this firm. You feel it when you work with us. It’s how we treat our clients, each other, our stakeholders, those who may not initially understand this kind of posture, and even those who oppose us as we prevail over them.


Pastoral care and counseling services include, but are not limited to:

  • Pastoral care is inherent in who we are, what we do, and how we operate.

  • While pastoral counseling is frequently a part of our work on legal matters, we offer pastoral counseling as a distinct service for those seeking wisdom counsel, which may include addressing his or her spirituality and spiritual journey. (Pastoral counseling differs from therapeutic, psychological, and similar clinical mental health modalities.)


"Paul is greatly motivated and works hard to produce the best services possible. He is an asset to any company as he always maintains a high degree of professionalism."

Rosalynn Curry, Pastoral Counselor Supervisor

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