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Family is universal, as are its joys and challenges. Perhaps your family is enjoying prosperity and you want to protect your personal and financial successes. Perhaps your family is struggling through challenges and you want to soon emerge even stronger.


Whatever your joys and challenges, you want the best care for your family. UBERCOUNSEL understands this; it’s the core reason we exist and created the family care way of practicing.


Family Care Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Pre-marital counseling, referrals, and officiating

  • Pre-nuptial agreements

  • Marriage counseling, coaching, and referrals

  • Estate planning and adult responsibilities (e.g., Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Advance Directive for Health Care, etc.)

  • Contract needs such as advising, negotiating, drafting, reviewing, and enforcing

  • Adoptions

  • Immigration

  • Dispute resolution (ADR and litigation)

  • Parental counseling, coaching, and referrals

  • Separation, divorce, agreement modification

  • Estate administration

I’m pleased to have moved my law practice and legal service offerings to Stanton Law, where I join friends in building an exceptional law firm. For all law practice and legal service inquiries I invite you to contact me at Stanton Law. For all other Ubercounsel inquiries I invite you to contact me here. Disclaimer: The Stanton Law firm is an entity distinct and separate from Ubercounsel.  


"We asked Paul to look at our wills which had not been updated since the 80’s.  He initially met with us to capture critical information.  When the wills were completed Paul spent a great deal of time with us walking through the wills to ensure we understood the language.  Great job!"

Linda & Tom W.

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