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We all need trusted counsel. Sometimes that counsel is a friend in the form of a multi-disciplinary and seasoned professional who helps navigate challenging territory. Sometimes that counsel is a friend in the form of a sophisticated and insightful lawyer who understands your situation.


Ideally, your trusted counsel is both. That ideal is here. That’s UBERCOUNSEL, your first step to crafting your action plan.


First step services include:

  • Whatever your issue: family, business, dispute resolution, injury, criminal; or counseling and coaching, it doesn’t matter. We’re ready to help you explore whether UBERCOUNSEL is the right fit at this time.

  • Listening

  • Evaluating

  • Advising

  • Objective referrals to other subject matter professionals

  • Helping move you to your next step

I’m pleased to have moved my law practice and legal service offerings to Stanton Law, where I join friends in building an exceptional law firm. For all law practice and legal service inquiries I invite you to contact me at Stanton Law. For all other Ubercounsel inquiries I invite you to contact me here. Disclaimer: The Stanton Law firm is an entity distinct and separate from Ubercounsel.  


"I had an opportunity to work with Paul Knowlton for several years. He's a consummate professional with an excellent sense of judgment. An expert at deciphering problems and offering real-world advice. But what perhaps sets Paul apart, is his sense of proportion: He is able to address and order problems (in terms of potential liability) and tailor responses. His broad background confirms this unique ability to predict and resolve problems in a way many can learn from."

Robert B., Attorney

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